Iguanas to the rescue

How can a village stop the extinction of a species? Well, we think we´ve got it figured out. The green iguanas (Iguana iguana) are not only important to the ecosystem, but also to the people living near them because they prevent some species of insects and rodents from turning into pests. This is why the indigenous Q´eqchi´ community Rancho Grande (Izabál, Guatemala) is learning how to breed these dragon-looking reptiles. As a next step they will set up an iguana farm in their village. Eventually they will release the iguanas into the wild in order to reinforce the diminishing native population.

In addition to the conservation of the species, the program includes environmental education and will provide food security through controlled breeding according to licenses by CONAP, the National Council of Protected Areas.

These activities are part of the BIOFORESA program, co-managed by Heifer International and FDN, and financed by BMZ/The Government of Germany.

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