A Mayan Gem Worth More Than Gold

Nestled under the dense rainforest canopy, Piedras Negras is today a faint, yet glorious memory of the heydays of this ancient Mayan city. Its location on the shore of the Usumacinta River, then a busy trade and travel route, influenced culture and arts. The monuments and stelae reflect techniques and styles similar to those in places as far away as Copán, Honduras. Perhaps it was thanks to the different influences that Piedras Negras developed its own, remarkably sophisticated style.

FDN supports the conservation of this gem of Mayan civilization. Visitors are welcome at Piedras Negras, which is an easy 5-mile hike from our field station in Porvenir, in the core zone of the Sierra del Lacandón National Park. Very few people come here so visitors are most likely to explore the site alone—well, not counting the wildlife that now inhabit the ruins…




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